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Harlem School District #12 – home of the Wildcats – is located North of the Little Rockies and adjacent to the Fort Belknap Reservation in the Milk River Valley. The Fort Belknap Reservation is the homeland of two Native American tribes: the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine. We embrace the diversity of each tribe and recognize their unique culture and language differences. We offer Assiniboine and Gros Ventre language classes and a variety of cultural experiences throughout the district.

Harlem is a K-12 District with two separate schools. Our Elementary School, under Principal Shiloh Seymour and Assistant Principal Doreen Warren, serves students in grades K-6. Our Junior/Senior High School serves students in grades 7-12 under Principal John Salois and Assistant Principal Doug Komrosky.

We have a very active Title VII program, under the direction of Julie Lamebull, that has created some exceptional curriculum materials that are available to all our staff as well as others across the state. Our school is at the forefront of Montana’s “Indian Education for All” mandate.

The Harlem District was awarded a 21st Century Grant that provides support services for students and enhances the diversity of our student population. Some of the many activities offered through the program include Reading Club, Beading, Dance Troupe, Quilting, crafts for seasonal projects, Family Literacy and math nights as well as a wellness component that allows participation in a variety of physical activities. These programs are under the guidance of Julie Lamebull and Winona Azure.

We are blessed to have a very talented and experienced staff working for our district. This “seasoned staff” provides the guidance and stability while helping this district fulfill its mission which is;



“We are here to provide a learning environment that encourages excellence.”

District Superintendent Rhonda Baker


Harlem Elementary School

Welcome to the 2014-2015school year.  I am looking forward to a great year.   I welcome our new staff to Harlem Elementary School as well as our veteran staff.   We are enjoying the changes on campus and appreciate the hard work that our janitors put in over the summer.  

 Harlem Elementary School has chosen to be part of the MBI (Montana Behavioral Initiative).   We are starting our third year and are working with the Office of Public Instruction to improve the climate of our school.   The initiative refers to proactive efforts by the school and community to identify priority concerns and to teach, encourage, and recognize acceptable alternatives to behaviors that impede school success.  The initiative assists educators and community services personnel to develop the attitudes, skills and systems necessary to help each student leave public education with the social competence needed to succeed in society and the work place.

 Respectful Organized Always Safe Responsible


MBI belief statements  

•  All students and staff should be treated with dignity and respect.

•  Students will be taught skills for success inside and outside the classroom.

•  Motivation and responsibility are encouraged through positive, proactive learning taught be teachers and other staff members.

•  Misbehavior provides a teaching opportunity.

•  Staff must work together to meet student needs which enhances student success.

•  School and communities must work together to meet the diverse needs of students.

•  Safe schools create an environment where academic flourish.

•  Positive proactive and preventative efforts of school and communities can create a school climate free of stereotyping, harassment and violence filled with a concern for justice and fairness.

 Respectful Organized Always Safe Responsible

Preparing a child for success in tomorrow’s world is an awesome task. Here at Harlem Elementary School, that’s our goal: to help all students become successful by providing the best learning opportunities. We achieve this through the hard work of our veteran faculty and staff, our positive learning environment, good communications with parents, and strong instruction, standards, and technology.

We have approximately 350 plus students, kindergarten through 6th grade, with two to three classrooms/teachers at each grade level to better support our students and to provide more teacher contact for each student, each day. We also offer a full-time certified counseling service to support qualifying students, and a school nurse.

Harlem Elementary School (HES) has a strong and well-established reading and math program. We have an Instructional Specialist to support those areas. Additionally, all of our students receive highly qualified instruction in Art, Physical Education, Library, Technology and Music.  We also provide additional inclusion of area native culture (Gros Ventre and Assiniboine) in all areas of instruction.

HES provide an after-school tutoring program each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We have summer camp opportunities—both to support our students academically and have them do fun activities during the summer.

With a motto of Follow our Tracks as We: Learn from the Past, Live in the Present, and Prepare for the Future, HES students are proud of what they accomplish here and love to share what they are learning. So come and visit our school.

 Respectful Organized Always Safe Responsible 

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